Famous And Memorable Wealthy TV Families We Have Met Over The Years

Some say that more money equals more problems. At least, that is the premise of many TV shows that have centered on wealthy families over the years. We have always enjoyed following the fortunes of the rich and famous because, more often than not, money creates drama. Nevertheless, while bucks can cause angst, they can also create some interesting situations that would not have occurred if the characters had not been that wealthy! So, here are some of the most memorable wealthy TV families we have met over the years.

Photo: HBO

The Ewings—Dallas

The Ewings, unquestionably one of the wealthiest families on this list, starred in the 1978 series Dallas and returned for the 2012 reboot. Just in case you have been living under a rock, they are Texas oil barons.

Photo: CBS

The show is about their struggles to protect their empire and fortune from threats both outside and within their family. Many soap opera-style shows could have made this list, but Dallas is by far one of the best from those years.

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