These Celebs Have Bigger Fortunes Than Anyone Would Expect

Fame doesn’t equal riches. Established actors usually get paid hefty sums, but not all of them manage to hold on to their money or know how to make it grow. However, these stars have made some pretty good investments and have become the richest men in Hollywood. Some have become spokespeople for brands; others have branched out into different industries, yet others have managed to keep the rights to their productions and earned millions from re-runs and selling reproduction rights. If you’re curious about who they are and how much they’re worth, keep reading!

Photo: Nathan Defiesta via Unsplash

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Did you know that The Rock almost became a professional NFL player? He played varsity for the University of Miami, although when the time came, he went undrafted. Still, he found a much more lucrative career path, and you won’t guess how much he’s worth.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Between his successful eight-year stint as a pro wrestler for the WWE and acting in several Hollywood blockbusters, he’s earned a pretty penny. His net worth is now around $800 million. He did better than he would’ve if he’d been drafted into the NFL!

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