These College Admission Officers Ran Into Some Weird Application Letters

College admission officers have seen it all—from the impressive to the absurd. While most students submit their applications with a standard essay and a few extracurriculars, some candidates stand out. These offbeat applicants leave the admission officers scratching their heads with their approach to the admission process. From the hilarious to the downright bizarre, these stories are sure to make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even question how some people made it to college. Join us as we dive into these bizarre college admissions!

Image courtesy of Harvard

Do not copy your professor!

College admissions can be a cutthroat process, with students competing for a limited number of spots at their dream schools. But some candidates go to extreme lengths to secure their place, including hiring professionals to write their essays or falsifying their credentials.

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Research shows that college admissions officers only spend an average of six minutes reviewing each application. With so little time to make an impression, it is no wonder some students resort to unethical means, yet they fail to realize that honesty and authenticity go a long way.

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