These Jobs Will No Longer Be Around Anymore In Ten Years

The world is constantly changing, and technological advancements are shaping the future of our jobs, meaning that some jobs we once took for granted will slowly disappear. But it is not all doom and gloom. New technologies are also creating jobs that did not exist before! A decade ago, nobody could have predicted that a person’s social media following could translate into a lucrative career. So, it is important to stay aware of these shifts to remain employable, right? Sure, these jobs may not be around in ten years, but who knows what new opportunities will come!

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Social media manager

Social media has become a big part of our lives, and companies have taken notice. While dedicated social media managers were once in high demand, the rise of social media-savvy businesses means that the future of this profession is uncertain.

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However, that does not mean that social media managers are no longer needed. Social media algorithms are constantly changing, and managing social media accounts takes time and expertise. After all, a strong social media presence can make a difference in a successful business.

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