The Future Of Influence: See How Technology Will Help Talent Connect With Consumers More Seamlessly

Have you noticed how technology has influenced how we interact with others over the past few years? Well, it turns out that it’ll also affect the way companies promote their products—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. According to researchers, people now prefer “relatable” over “aspirational” personalities, and technology can fuel this necessity, making the connection between brand ambassadors and consumers immediate and seamless. If you’re interested in how this business aspect will soon change, read on to discover everything you should know about the future of influence!

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Directly involved in the creative process

Wouldn’t it be great if we could participate in the making of the products we use every day? We’d be able to choose, for example, how the laces of our shoes should lay or the pattern and design of the sole.

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Most sneaker companies and NBA stars are starting to consider this idea, as it’d allow customers to be more involved with a brand and its catalog. Currently, the app NTWRK is making significant advances in this field. So, expect it to happen anytime soon!

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