Huge Fail: Employees Shared Their Black Friday Sale Stories

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Known for attracting shoppers from all walks of life, this event guarantees some sweet deals for those who want to save a buck. Some customers have a goal in mind, while others come for the thrill of the crowds. However, as this shopping day grows bigger and bigger, so do the strange stories. Retail employees have shared some of the most outlandish Black Friday stories, from mothers leaving their kids in the shopping carts to grandmas fighting over a calculator. These stories are just wild, and here are our favorites.

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Ready to fight

When you work in retail on Black Friday, you are bound to see some bizarre behavior. But things got out of hand when an elderly lady decided to take on the board game aisle at Walmart.

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She had two empty carts and filled them up to the brim with board games, even going so far as to rip them out of a little kid’s hands. It is sad to see how the holiday shopping season can bring out the worst in some people.

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