Here Are Some Weird Ways To Make Money That Most People Don’t Know About

As you might’ve heard on several podcasts about entrepreneurship, there are endless ways of making money. Nowadays, you don’t need to work a 9 to 5 job at an office to get some dough. In many professions, freelancing is the way to go since it allows people to sell their services directly to clients. Other entrepreneurs choose to open online shops on platforms such as Etsy. However, people use much stranger methods to make a living. No, we don’t mean selling their bathwater. Here are some of the oddest money-making ways we’ve seen people embrace!

Photo: The Savvy Couple

Being a Professional Mourner

There are plenty of odd jobs out there. We recently read an article about an American teenager who gets paid by Chinese people to find the perfect name for their children. However, that’s not the strangest job we’ve heard about. That title goes to professional mourners.

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There are people you can pay to attend a funeral and pretend to be a mourner. True professionals research the deceased to give a more realistic performance. Customers can also request special services like crying, rolling on the floor, or jumping into the grave.

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