Work Anxiety And Phobias: How To Overcome Career Aversions

Did you know that hemophobia is the medical term that describes an intense and irrational fear of blood? Some people usually pass out at the sight of blood. And this information could be critical to any career decision. Imagine if you want to become a surgeon. Would that be a wrong decision to make? Well, not precisely. Your aversion to blood is not a result of your personality, given that these are known as career aversions and aptitudes. If you want to learn a few ways to overcome these types of issues, keep reading.

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The power of aversions

Most career assessment tests that focus on personality will ignore aversions and aptitudes. Following are some examples of career aversions: airline or commercial pilots, physicians or surgeons, veterinarians, school teachers, nurses, and construction workers.

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A work personality assessment test that will combine your aversion assessment results with your career test results can help you narrow down your list of ideal careers. And remember: there are many things you can do if you do not like your career choice. It is never too late!

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