The Future Of Friendships: Will We Start Bonding With AIs In Years To Come?

In a world where AIs have become commonplace, we’re getting more and more acquainted with chatbots and their human-like responses. Thanks to a process known as natural language processing, these software pieces have developed the ability to treat us as peers and maybe even provide us with the emotional support and comfort we crave. Thus, we can’t help but wonder, are digital companions the future of friendships? Will we start turning to computers to satisfy our social needs? Here’s what we know so far.

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Digital connection helps with social anxiety

In this day and age, the average American spends more than seven hours looking at a screen daily. Consequently, we tend to feel more comfortable with technology than with other people, as computers have slowly become an integral part of our routines.

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However, this has raised a serious problem: social anxiety in human-to-human digital relationships. Since we perceive a lack of response as a negative stimulus, the only way to prevent this issue is to turn to AIs for small talk, as they can respond faster, more thoughtfully, and with empathy.

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