These Rich Kids Love To Flaunt Their Wealth On Instagram

When we were young, we remember this one kid who always brought the latest handheld console to school. Everybody would gather around them and watch how they played in awe. Something similar happens when rich people flaunt their money. Why do you think the wealthy post pictures on social media showing how much money they have? It’s to get attention, and attention they shall receive. The account @richkidsoftheinternet regularly gathers some of the most absurd displays of wealth, and we’ve rounded up some of the best. If you enjoy seeing how the 1% lives or just like bashing their frivolity, read on!

Photo: Danilo Capece via Unsplash

Couture Lambo

Do you know how much a Lamborghini costs? We looked it up, and the least expensive model is about $230,000. That’s more than what an average person earns in a lifetime! We can’t imagine how much the price would go up if it were Versace-themed.

Photo: iam_billionaire via Instagram

This guy didn’t think that owning a Lambo was enough and decided to plot Versace’s Medusa head logo all over his car. Look, we never said money bought good taste, but if his aim was to draw attention, he certainly succeeded.

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