Meet “Tang Yu,” The First AI To Become CEO Of A Company

Have you ever watched one of those science fiction movies where robots rule the world and machines enslave humans? At first, it may seem like these films aren’t making claims we should take seriously. Still, that unrealistic future in which an AI runs a company is here, as a video game company from China has recently decided to nominate a virtual humanoid robot, Mrs. Tang Yu, as its CEO. But who is she, exactly, and how could she revolutionize the business world?

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NetDragon Websoft, the company chaired by an AI

Before we delve into the history of the first automated CEO, we’ll introduce you to the company that made it possible: NetDragon Websoft, a 25-year-old business dedicated to developing online video games. What led them to make this decision? Has it affected its revenue?

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NetDragon Websoft firmly believes that AI was created to manage company affairs assertively. The firm’s numbers seem to confirm this theory, as its stock has risen 10% over the past six months. Thus, it’d be safe to say that this won’t be the last business to take advantage of robot CEOs!

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