Money On The Silver Screen: Here Are Eight Movies About Becoming Financially Successful

There’s no denying that making money is a ubiquitous goal in the modern world. Anyone will tell you that earning a few bucks is more or less among their priorities. But did you know that this phenomenon has also made it to the silver screen? For years, directors have worked to create high-profile films that reflect the importance of money, especially on Wall Street, and the not-so-great aspects of human ambition. So, grab some popcorn and read on to discover eight notable audiovisual works that show a unique perspective on financial success!

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Trading Places (1983)

What would happen if a homeless man was put in the shoes of a wealthy guy who works at a commodity brokerage film? Would he still act like himself or change his personality to adapt to the circumstances?

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Those questions summarize the plot of Trading Places, a 1983 comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd and centered on insider trading and the culture of poverty. We highly recommend it for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

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