We Literally Cannot Believe People Made These Poor Financial Decisions

We have all made some questionable financial decisions in our lives. Maybe you splurged on an expensive gadget you barely use or bought a fancy dress you only wore once. But the people in these Reddit stories take the cake (or should we say the credit card debt?). From filling a swimming pool and being unable to pay for water to buying a $75 car air freshener, these folks made some seriously bad choices. But hey, at least we can learn a thing or two about budgeting!

Image courtesy of Canva

Where is doctor Ross?

Medical emergencies can be scary, and it is important to know where to go for the right kind of care. Sure, it is easy to get confused when you need medical attention, but this Reddit user took it to a whole new level.

Image courtesy of Canva

It is amazing how much money we can spend without realizing it, especially when it comes to medical bills. However, for $500, we would expect George Clooney to go back to playing Doug Ross and take care of us at the ER!

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