Here’s What’s New: These Careers Are Likely To Give People Jobs In 2023

Job hunting can be stressful, especially when you’re fresh out of school. Companies ask for experience you don’t have, but you can’t build it if nobody hires you, right? Having industry contacts and using them is always helpful, but if you’re like us and suck at mingling and asking for favors, there are other ways to ensure you get a break. Aiming for the fastest-growing sectors will increase your chances of entering the workforce. But which ones are they? Here’s a list of the careers where you’ll most likely get a job in 2023!

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Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

Don’t you feel that there’s an app for everything nowadays? That’s because there is! Most of them are so buggy they make life harder instead of easier for anyone who needs to use it. However, there’s a bright side: you could be the one to fix them.

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You can aim to become a Quality Assurance Analyst for software development companies. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar is usually required, but with the estimated $110,000 a year you’ll earn, you can pay off those student loans in no time.

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